Trésor La Nuit Woda perfumowana

Trésor La Nuit

Woda perfumowana

La Nuit Trésor: the scent of a sultry night, when lovers embrace with absolute love.

It all starts at night with an infinitely poetic myth. From the irresistible attraction of 2 stars coming into fusion and generating a rain of particles that falls on earth and reagregates to become in time, the black diamonds.

Spray about 20 cm from skin, focusing on the warmest areas of your body: pulse points on the wrists, behind the earlobes or knees to intensify the alluring effect.
Nuty głowy: olejek z czarnej róży

Nuty serca: absolut waniliowej orchidei

Nuty bazy: kadzidło, olejek papirusowy, liczi
Trésor bottle is a crystalline jewel as resplendent as love itself, drawing inspiration from high-end jewellery: its chiselled pyramidal form features many facets that capture and reflect light, perfectly echoing its similarly faceted square cap, accentuated by a ring of black lacquer, like the symbol of eternal union.
The new love philtre of the 21st century, composed of the rarest raw materials.