Lancôme gets sensory with Absolue Extrait Essence Ultime

This surprising hybrid oil that’s part nourishing oil, part revitalizing lotion, is the latest in Lancôme’s line of anti-ageing serums and is set to shake up traditional beauty routines. Get ready for a beauty revolution!

With oils marking a successful return to the cosmetics scene, Lancôme has got on board with a new anti-ageing serum that shares everything with oil, including its texture, its feel and its skin benefits – all without containing a single ounce. The result is a sensory treat that’s as nourishing, enveloping and protective as an ointment, but leaves nothing more than a watery feeling of freshness on the skin. Paired with an innovative formula and a few star ingredients (including native rose cells, extracted via a special high-pressure cellular process), the essence becomes a richer, more effective and more targeted treatment that boosts glow, relaxes features and leaves the face looking full of vitality.

To optimize the effectiveness of the anti-ageing treatment, Lancôme Institute has researched and recommended a very specific type of application, focusing on 5 targeted areas of the face. To smooth the forehead, cheeks and chin, simply use fingertips with firm pressure to apply the treatment into the centre of the face, then guide to the edges, reaching lip contours, jawline and the neck. Next, rub hands together to warm and then gently press them into face contours. Toning, revitalizing glow guaranteed!

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