When to turn to a skincare serum.

To wear serum under day cream or not?

By providing skin with a concentrated dose of active ingredients within a silkily fluid formula that’s designed to be easily soaked into the epidermis, serums don’t just help revive skin vitality, they also promote the absorption of whatever product you decide to apply immediately afterwards. The result? A better targeted beauty routine for well-nourished, healthier and more respondent skin.

So, while it’s not necessary to always wear serum under day or night cream, it is certainly advisable. After all, beyond age 35, when so much of our time is spent running around, skin will benefit from any help it can get in resetting and maintaining its main indicators of health -- all so that signs of fatigue don’t fast become signs of aging. That means that an anti-aging serum like Advanced Génifique can be perfect for preventing fine lines and sagging skin.

And, just as the seasons change and skin has to readapt to environmental changes, serum can also help deliver a temporary yet life-saving boost so that during hot summers or cold winters alike, skin regains more than a little balance.

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