Water-based care to wake up your skin

As fresh as a lotion, with the concentrated power of a serum and the moisturizing properties of a cream, Soin Liquide Energie de Vie promises to revolutionize your beauty routine and tired skin. Three good reasons to test it out.

How does Energie de Vie Soin Liquide manage to combine the best of a toner, a serum and a cream all into one power-packed skincare product?

Soin Liquide’s fluid, fresh texture is inspired by the cosmetic waters commonly used in Asia. Lancôme teams worked to concentrate 24% hydrating agents into the formula so that in just a single application, skin is quenched and able to more easily eliminate signs of tiredness.

What you need to know about Soin Liquide

1. Energie de Vie Soin Liquide contains a trio of powerful actives - French lemon balm, Goji berries and gentian - to combat oxidative stress and redness, all the while revitalizing the skin.

2. Lancôme developers also drew on metabolomics, a new skin science that allows scientists to analyze activity deep inside skin cells.

* Consumer tests made on 108 women, comparing against their usual lotion.

Énergie de Vie Soin Liquide, Lancôme.

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