Look younger with the right makeup remover

What if your first step towards a flawless anti-aging routine began with a well-honed cleansing regimen? That’s what Lisa Eldridge believes. Discover her tried-and-true tips to make the most of your makeup remover and even win back a few years.

Lisa Eldridge’s makeup removal step-by-step

The theory? Adopting a multi-staged makeup removal routine will also help you avoid lipstick and mascara pigments bleeding across the face and irritated skin.

- For lips, go for a slightly oil product that dislodges even the darkest of lipstick pigments.

- For eyes, Eldridge recommends cutting a cotton pad in two and dousing it with eye makeup remover. Place each half-moon shaped pad under the lower lashes and then cover closed eyes using a similarly soaked whole disk. Using gentle horizontal tapping movements you’ll carefully and gradually dissolve pigments without marking skin or damaging lashes.

- For the face and neck, it’s best to go for two sweeps of a creamy textured cleansing milk. The first will rid the face of any foundation, powder and blush, the second will clean away sebum, dead cells and toxins that have built up throughout the day. Don’t skimp on how much remover you use as the more product you apply the better it will dissolve makeup pigments.

The finishing touch? Splash on some cold water to tighten up skin, revitalize skin cells and boost circulation.

Four anti-aging-ready makeup removers

GALATÉE CONFORT Specially formulated for dry skin, this comforting milk rids the skin of every last particle of irritant while smoothing and hydrating. From the get-go you’ll see dehydration-caused fine lines disappear and plenty of skin shimmer.

BI-FACIL This two-phase, non-greasy eye makeup remover works to remove pigments and cleanse the edges of the eye for a sparklingly clean look.

TONIQUE ÉCLAT This gentle clarifying lotion eliminates dead skin, diminishes the sallow look of skin and oxygenates the face to give you plenty of glow.

EAU MICELLAIRE DOUCEUR For the busiest among us, this delicate yet highly efficient cleansing water speedily removes makeup from the face, lips and eyes helping you achieve purer skin and a serenely beautiful look.

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