Juicy Shaker shakes up the lipstick world

Part innovative gem, part heritage lip color, Lancôme’s new lip oil, is set to blaze new trails in the beauty world -- and all for super sexy lips.

The latest in Lancôme lip offerings is certainly set to spare us some frustrations. The concept? A well-executed new lipstick hybrid that fits somewhere between Armand Petitjean’s original 1946 Shaker and the ever-popular Juicy Tubes.

It all starts with an innovative two-part oil-based formula that when shaken mixes rich pigments into one softly textured color. Add to that innovative cushion technology, which has been harnessed for the first time to create a soft, rounded lipstick-shaped foam tip to help control color. And, finally as a sign of the times, include a modern update of the Shaker’s original curves to keep in step with today’s tastes and what you get is an altogether surprising new must-have.

Juicy Shaker, Lancôme. On sale from April 5th 2016.

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