Don’t let fatigue get to your skin

Lancôme’s latest skincare line promises to help city dwellers get through busy days, without flagging. And just like you, Energie de Vie makes no compromises.

Young professionals have never been so tired. The pressures of excelling in both private and work lives has led to a new skin problem: urban fatigue, characterized by symptoms including tight skin, dark circles, dry patches and red blotches. And if they are not treated quickly, they can lead to premature aging.

In response to this scourge of modern city life, Lancôme created Energie de Vie, a capsule skincare collection containing three targeted and effective products:

1: Soin Liquide, a part-lotion, part-serum, part-cream designed to recharge the epidermis with the help of active ingredients extracted from superfoods and a healthy dose of minerals.

2: Lotion Perlée, with translucent micro-beads burst on contact to re-energize the skin.

3: Masque Nuit, that cools skin cells overheated by the stresses of the day and relaxes the features

Energie de Vie Soin Liquide, Lotion Perlée and Masque Nuit, Lancôme.

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