Fabulous face off: Kohl pencil vs. Liner

On one side of the ring, a luxe, densely colored pencil. On the other, a liquid liner that clings to the lash line with absolute precision. Either way, the eyes have it, no matter which eyeliner camp you fall into

For bold daytime graphicism: Artliner

What: With a super-precise foam tip, this liner bends to your creative whim, helping you to create even the boldest lines - all with a strong color that promises to stay put all day long.

How to: Step 1: With your hand raised, draw a straight line from the outer edge of the eye to the center and the iris. Step 2: Repeat by going over the same line, this time by extending the line into the inner corner of the eye. Contrary to what most people think, color bleeding tends to happen when the line is drawn outwards.

Who: For anybody looking to create a sophisticated and striking look that’s easy to pull off, easy to execute in one swift movement and is full of character. In short, it’s the ideal confidence booster.

For smoldering evening style: Kohl pencil

What: A classic pencil with a deeply rich and creamy texture that effortlessly slips between the fingers to help you create a smudged and sensual halo along the lash line.

How to: After lining the outer edges of the top and bottom lashes, start drawing a line inwards, always shading towards the inner eye and always making the line slimmer as you go. Finally, to pull off a shaded look, simply smudge away edges with your fingertips

Who? For rock-chic lovers who love nothing better than stirring things up all night long.

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