Juicy Shaker: a lip oil cushion that packs a pigment punch

Juicy Shaker: a lip oil cushion that packs a pigment punch Boasting a sweet-scented two-part lip color and kissably soft applicator, Lancôme’s new part-oil, part-lip gloss opens a whole new chapter in makeup. Read on for the Juicy Shaker lowdown and everything you need to know about this seductively avant-garde lip color that’s set to awaken the senses.

What’s the secret behind Juicy Shaker’s new pout-plumping formula? Its complete reinvention of the lipstick, from A to Z, right down to texture and finish. Inspired by cushion technology, Juicy Shaker boasts a super-soft foam applicator, making it easy to tap on pigments and reveal bold intensity. As for the formula, its part gloss, part oil blend shakes together to create a perfectly glossy, creamy and comfortable finish.

And that’s not all!

- Playful and fun, Juicy Shaker shakes into action to combine two stunning lip-coloring phases.

- A cutting-edge formula nourishes without stickiness, leaving lips looking plump, smooth and utterly kissable.

- Choose from 14 fragranced shades, each one as enticing as the next. Think: everything from the zesty apricot-hued orange Apri-Cute to the fruity Cherry Symphony.

Juicy Shaker, Lancôme.

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