Illuminate your way to perfect skin

Born out of an intensive series of studies on light reverberation, Lancôme’s new evanescent, light-reflecting face powder makeup works to infuse the complexion with light and natural freshness.

How does Belle de Teint bolster a glowing complexion?

The secret to Belle de Teint makeup powder’s soft evanescence? It all starts with a vapor-light formula that brings together four active ingredients to help create the appearance of perfect skin.

- Gallic rose petal powder with its delicate pink color boosts natural-looking glow.

- Apricot and tomato oils neutralize free radicals to protect cells from even the slightest skin aggressors.

- Caffeine decongests skin tissue to eliminate signs of fatigue.

- Soft focus ingredients including talc and perlite attract light to the skin’s surface to diminish skin irregularities and halt the types of blemishes that can ruin a complexion.

And that’s not all

- All six Belle de Teint makeup shades are made using three different concentrations of mother of pearl for a more natural look. The more you can illuminate your complexion, the more iridescence can work to brighten the face.

- With just a few brush strokes, Belle de Teint’s exclusive ‘flush and blush’ applicator helps mimic the natural glow of lightly sun-kissed skin.

Belle de Teint, Lancôme

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