Four mascaras you can trust... with your eyes closed!

Discover four different mascaras promising four equally amazing results and all designed to give the perfect new look to your peepers.

Fact: beautifully colored lashes immediately give the face plenty of character. But you only need get your product choice wrong and you can destroy the entire effect. And there’s good reason, after all mascaras shouldn’t just be picked according to the type of lash result you’re banking on, but also according to your eye shape. Time to follow these four tips for making sure your lashes get noticed for all the right reasons.

Small eyes

The goal: To enlarge the look of the eyes by carefully thickening, curling and extending the look of the lashes.

The go-to: An all-around achiever like Grandiôse with its swan neck-shaped 25°-angled wand that’s made to reach each and every last lash (even the shortest) and a formula that’s bolstered with extracts of native rose cells which work to thicken and coat lashes. Consider it a sure-fire hit.

Thin eyes

The goal: To bring shape to eyes by lengthening and volumizing lashes.

The go-to: A thickening mascara like Hypnôse with its patented “powerful” brush and its thick, creamy, super-charged formula that extends lashes by up to 6 times without stiffening your look.

Round eyes

The goal: To lengthen the look of the eyes by coating upper lashes only

The go-to: An advanced lengthening mascara such as Définicils with its expertly designed patented brush that separates lashes and coats every fiber with an of-the-moment formula that smoothes and repairs.

Hollow eyes

The goal: To boost curves and open up eyes to give your look more shape.

The go-to: A mascara that takes lashes to new and stunning lengths such as Hypnôse Doll Eyes. Complete with its "i-conique" shaped brush which combats clumping and a FiberShine formula, this nylon powder-enriched option creates dizzyingly beautiful curves.

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