Alix Thomsen as seen by Caroline de Maigret

A free spirit who's never in one place for long, Caroline de Maigret meets inspired - and inspirational - women from around the world.

Today, Caroline introduces 30 year-old designer and decorator Alix Thomsen.

Why Alix?

“She’s a very unique person, mostly thanks to her graceful, refined beauty and her constant search for ‘discomfort zones’. In her life and her work in fashion she often plays with masculinity and femininity. And, when it comes to decoration she mixes styles and eras with a really delicate touch. Her somewhat contradictory, paradoxical character makes her an inspiring and passionate person.”

Alix’s vision of beauty :

"I always find it hard to pin myself down to one view of beauty because I like natural beauty looks just as much as I like very done-up ones. Beauty is something that’s rare, but it’s also an expression of an era’s values. On one hand beauty can be rebellious, but on the other it can appear like a style consensus -- a meeting of the body and spirit. Beauty can evoke the idea of the unchangeable, but it can also evoke an era or a generation’s values.”