Twins for Peace: eco-friendly style

“I really fell for this brand. Firstly, I was just charmed by all the colourful trainers in a huge range of shades and patterns with different coloured laces. They’ve become a real wardrobe staple for me, especially worn with a pair of jeans, black trousers or short skirt. Then, I discovered that the young French owners of the label were also humanitarian business entrepreneurs. It’s something that, alleluia, is finally taking hold in the business world. The Twins for Peace philosophy is simple: for every pair of shoes bought, another pair is donated to an underprivileged child (with a pair of shoes that is adapted for their needs). I love this type of altruistic design that’s bringing charity directly into the heart of a business philosophy.”

Twins for Peace "Be Cool, Be Good",
5 rue Commines, 75003 Paris.