Beauty fixes for life in the fast lane

In life I try to do it all, both as a mother and as a loving partner. And, all while working and going out in the evening if I want to. Better yet, I pull it off! Not always perfectly, but I do my best to juggle the things I love while having fun and without beating myself about having to be the best all the time.

Physically, I’ve adopted the same attitude too, taking care of myself even though I can’t spend as much time on it as I’d probably like. Because not looking tired and having a great complexion without lots of makeup even on weekends makes me feel better about myself, my biggest lifesaver, which I always carry in my bag, has become the new Énergie de Vie treatment from Lancôme. It’s an incredible all-in-one product that simultaneously brightens and hydrates, making it ideal for my fast-paced lifestyle.

Energie de Vie, Lancôme.

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