Caroline de Maigret’s collector’s edition make-up palette

When Lancôme gives Caroline de Maigret creative carte blanche, the result is a handy palette filled with every Parisienne’s beauty essentials. All wrapped up in a relaxed notebook looking package that makes achieving French beauty a cinch

About the inspiration

“The whole palette, its colours and textures, are my favourite. The idea being that I can have a clutch I can bring anywhere and everywhere with everything I need. I’ve put everything I find essential for women inside -- from what you need for work, to going out and feeling sexy” sums up Caroline de Maigret.

About the collaboration

It’s perhaps the most highly anticipated release of the Fall: Lancôme muse Caroline de Maigret is launching her first make-up accessory. That’s to say a palette that brings together all the beauty must-haves you can imagine in one gorgeously sleek and practical Moleskin-like clutch that’s perfect for the handbag. Inspired by a range of typically Parisian-chic colour palettes, Caroline has assembled a stunning juxtaposition of shades that mean you can put together the perfect look that will take you from morning to evening and from evening into the early morning hours.

About the Palette

The set brings together a range of make-up essentials with nine colours including four easy-to-wear eyeshadows (featuring wood rose, bronze, brown and taupe), one highlighter to define, three brow shadows and a slightly pink blush that can be blotted on with fingers. Also included are two brushes: one bevelled to define brow structure, the second double-ended to achieve the perfect tint whether you’re going for a slim line along the lashes or you’re looking to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

The bonus?

Because Caroline loves nothing more than making sure her daily life is effortlessly laid back, she’s made sure to include “three brow shadows that can also be used on eyes, from the lightest shades which work on the lids, to the darkest which are perfect for eyeliner.”

Parisian Inspiration by Caroline de Maigret, Lancôme.

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