Caroline de Maigret’s first date advice

Caroline de Maigret’s first date advice

I am romantic and ambitious, so I like to think that a first date could be the beginning of a beautiful story, instead of just a one-off encounter. Obviously one can never be sure of anything, but I do like to think of it this way as I prep for the night.

I could always decide to go the standard French way with a plunging neckline, sexy mini skirt and sultry makeup, but I want to leave a guy wanting more, to make him feel something, all while remaining enigmatic so he wants to discover more.

So, for a first date, I always go into ‘me’ mode, my everyday self that exists whether he’s around or not. I think it’s essential to show the real me and my passions. In the long run, it’s really a time saver for everyone. There is no use hiding your true self when you fall in love, just to have your heartbroken when he meets the real you and realizes she’s not someone he wants to be with. So stick to being you!

The outfit: I opt for 1/a low-cut sweater, 2/a bare shoulder, or 3/a shirt that shows just a glimpse of skin. Flat shoes are a must for me since I’m 180cm. Guys get scared off if I’m in heels, unless they’re confident in themselves.

The makeup: I count on 1/a fresh complexion thanks to a bit of pink on my cheeks, 2/brown eyeshadow for a smoky gaze, 3/mascara, and that’s it! I don’t want him to think I’ve spent hours on getting ready. Our date is important, but I also have other things going on in my life!

Bring it all together with a good dose of wit and a lot of humor, and once he’s under your charm, opt for a more subdued makeup look and relaxed outfit.

So... you have many facets, and since men like a good surprise, let go and show that a woman with a beautiful spirit, can also be incredibly sexy.