The Muppies: A beauty revolution

A new generation, with a new beauty habits and new skincare needs requires a fatigue-busting beauty routine. Meet the Muppies.

Named for a contraction of 'Millennials' and 'Yuppies', the Muppies are a new generation of super-connected neo-urbanites who combine successful careers with fulfilling personal lives, cramming them into ever-busier schedules.

With life lived at top speed and always-on connectivity, doesn’t skincare take second place?

No. Beauty compromises and worse, looking tired, are out of the question for Muppies. Who wants to look like things have got on top of them?

Or at least that’s Lancôme's attitude. Enter the new Energie de Vie Soin Liquide, a three-in-one skin saver combining the efficiency of a serum with the freshness of a toner and the hydration of a lotion, all optimised with superfoods gentian, French lemon balm and goji berries.

The result, is rested and re-energized skin, even if you didn't get the early night you were hoping for. It’s the time-saver busy young women have been looking for and that's what we call good news.

Énergie de Vie Soin Liquide, Lancôme.