1936: Nutrix, the crème de la crème of skin creams

80 years ago, Lancôme kicked off a beauty revolution. And, it all started with Nutrix, the very first of its legendary skincare treatments. Developed over the course of a year, Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean enlisted the help of two renowned professors, Doctors Medynski and Simonnet, to research and formulate what was to eventually become an incredible skin salve. Nutrix’s secret? A prized blend of proteins and vitamins, all encased within a rich balm that was designed to nourish, revive and revitalize the epidermis on application.

The group certainly didn’t go wrong, after all, what was first created “to allow women to enjoy pampering themselves,” still boasts many thousands of fans across the world today.

Nutrix, Lancôme.