Why we can’t wait for spring: My Parisian Pastels

It might look like a box of oil pastels at first glance, but look again and you’ll find Lancome’s new makeup palette of fresh spring pastels, created by Lisa Eldridge. As you wait for warmer days to arrive, get your arty on with a spring color injection from My Parisian Pastels.

Even though it’s still winter, Lancôme has already unveiled its new palette featuring pretty, spring shade set in a vintage-style case that reminds us of a box of rich oil pastels.

Upon closer look, you’ll find these nine pastel shades come with a subtle iridescent sheen in a sweet, floral colors that not only illuminate and enhance your look, but also adds a healthy glow to winter-trodden skin.

Mix and match: the shadows are presented in fun little cubes that bring the playfulness back to applying makeup. Play with the shades in your own art project, as you mix different colors and create color wash effects. Find inspiration in Lisa Eldridge’s philosophy of makeup as a means of self expression, and combine the shades to create your own unique looks, applying the pastel colors one, two or three at a time, or if you’re in a daring mood, use them all at once. Also, with their soft effects, they look just as great on your eyes as they do on your cheeks, in a subtle way to highlight the face.

The keyword is spontaneity. This little art case comes full of possibilities, and works to fight against the lull of winter with some fun, all while restoring your skin back to its beautiful, glowy norm.

My Parisian Pastels, Lancôme.