Eight Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Make the most of even the shortest night’s sleep with these savvy sleep accessories that can help promote deep, rejuvenating sleep. What better way to prevent all the downsides of sleepless nights, from poor skin tone to bad moods?

Sleepless in 2015

One of the main side effects of contemporary, daily life? Over the past 30 years we’ve lost an average of one and a half hour’s sleep. According to sleep researchers that’s a large amount and makes for much too little slumber for the body clock to reset itself and for skin to be rejuvenated. While we often make up for lost sleep over the weekend with lie-ins and naps, these can further disrupt natural sleep cycles by almost jet lagging the body. Now it’s time to deflect it all, help the brain to relax and disconnect after a busy day of work with these tips to improve the quality of your night’s sleep. Not only will you enjoy a more restorative night’s sleep - no matter how short – you’ll also wake up in a better mood and with much brighter skin.

Sleep Expertise

“For a really restorative night’s sleep, start by figuring out the natural time your body and mind begin to slow down and relax. From there you can begin to listen to your body clock, sleep cycles and dial in to the optimal length you need for each one. Start by getting up relatively early - at the same time each day – and doing 30 minutes of sport to expose yourself to strong daylight, kick start your body’s production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and energize the entire body. Reversely, before going to bed, try to avoid sport and any overexposure to computer screens so you can begin to lower the body’s natural temperature and give it the necessary signal that it’s the right time to go to sleep,” suggests Doctor Joëlle Adrien, President of the Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance (National Institute for Sleep Awareness), a scientific consulting body.

Eight Nocturnal Accessories

With this sleep-improving kit, you’ll calm the spirit, stop tossing and turning through the night and wake up fresh and well-rested.

A stress-busting pillow

Sewn into the middle of this relaxing pillow are pieces of Swiss pine bark, whose natural wood oils have been proven to help regulate heart rhythms and improve blood flow. The essential? You’ll save up to 3,000 heartbeats in just one night, or in other words, the equivalent of about one hour of daytime heartbeats. This all makes for a deeper, more relaxing sleep and more serene facial features the next morning.
Hefel anti-stress pillows, available at www.allomatelas.com

The Esteban Harmonie Perfumed Mist Diffuser

This alternative diffuser draws upon the principles of yin and yang by using a range of fragrances and essential oils to prepare the body and mind for sleep. A pair of water tanks using ultrasound technology take turns to create an essential oil-fragranced mist to create a zen cloud from dusk until dawn. Esteban Harmonie perfumed mist diffuser
. www.esteban.fr

Herbes et Traditions’ Relaxing Sleep Routine

Because insomnia differs according to the time at which it strikes, these two essential oil blends work to calm the nervous system in two different ways – all the while drawing upon the same ayurvedic principles. Essential oil duo featuring a 10ml Midnight-2am wake-up oil and a 10 ml 3 am- 5 am wake-up oil.
Herbes et Traditions
. www.herbes-et-traditions.fr

Neom OrganicsEssential Sleep Kit

Composed of 19 different vegetable essences all blended into three different vials, each offering three different treatments, this sleep kit works to promote sleep with firstly a calming body oil, secondly an intensive treatment for rubbing into the pulses and thirdly a gentle oil mist to spritz over bedding before bed.
Essential Sleep Kit, Neom Organics. www.neomorganics.com

The Tempur Thermal Duvet

Applying NASA improved Temprakon technology, this Siberian goose feather-filled eiderdown works to regulate body temperature no matter the weather. And, considering how body temperature plays an important role in how well the body falls asleep or wakes up, this duvet has all the makings of the perfect accessory for a truly cosmic night’s sleep. Tempur Duvet, available from
La Maison de l’Oreiller
. www.lamaisondeloreiller.com

Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector treatment by Lancôme

Inspired by Korean sleep masks, this surprising new gel-like treatment smooths onto the face, infuses the skin with a rich blend of active ingredients and works to boost the skin’s optimal cellular rejuvenation during sleep. Next morning, you’ll wake up fresh-faced, with beautifully relaxed features ready to confront the day.
Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector, Lancôme.

Rituals’ Emperor’s Dream Infusion Tea

Made from refreshing mint, revitalizing fennel and purifying meadowsweet, this 100% all-natural infusion calms the senses to guarantee sweet dreams and a beautifully pink complexion the next day.
Emperor’s Dream,
Rituals. www.eu.rituals.com

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet Composed of a leather wristband adorned with metallic disk, the Philip Stein Sleep bracelet uses vibrations to interact with the body’s energy fields in order to blitz stress, relax features and promote a deep, highly relaxed sleep. That’s the concept behind this watch-like bracelet that’s designed to slip on 30 minutes before bed and be worn for at least 30 nights in a row.
The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet
. www.philipstein.com