Standup paddleboard yoga, an on-trend workout to enjoy between sea and sky

Fresh air, a few rays of sunshine and warm Cretean seawater combine to make standup paddleboard yoga the latest and greatest US fitness import to hit Europe.

There’s nothing like a good yoga session to energize the body and mind, especially when it comes complete with some added skin-bronzing benefits. Combining many of the body-toning benefits of stand-up paddleboarding with the relaxation that comes with yoga, standup paddleboard yoga begins with a gentle muscle warm-up as you row from the shoreline. Next comes 75 minutes of acrobatic yoga exercises balanced on the paddleboard, a type of Hawaiian board that’s wider yet more stable than a normal surfboard. Then, let yourself be gently rocked by the sea’s waves to completely disconnect and focus on your breathing completely in harmony with nature. That doesn’t however all mean your body will get any less of a workout, in fact, by calling upon even more effort to maintain each every yoga position, muscles (especially abdominal muscles) are engaged like never before, making for a complete workout. The other major advantage of this workout comes from its incredible setting on the Loutraki Bay of Chania, Crete. With a choice of sunrise and sunset sessions available, yoga doesn’t get any more breathtaking than this.

For individual or group 75-minute Standup Paddleboard Yoga lessons, contact Paddle Board Yoga Club, Loutraki Bay, Chania 73131, Greece. www.paddleboardyoga.net