French style lipstick

If there’s one thing French women truly excel in, it’s in reinterpreting makeup classics for today. Of course the humble lipstick has not been spared. We quiz the beauty experts and take a little shopping trip in search of the most stylish yet relaxed way to wear lipstick.

As one of the first ever known beauty tricks recorded, (5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia to be precise) lipstick has never ceased to be popular. The proof? Twenty-seven sticks are sold every second across the world. The way it’s worn does however depend on the continent. Whereas some women might top off a highly sophisticated look with a bold painted lip, French women love to wear their lipstick with jeans, trainers and a t-shirt, like a little accessory that completes a look. The secret behind nonchalant French chic? Perhaps it boils down to breaking the classic colour rules!

Make a style statement
For day, it’s best to wear lipstick in a more laid-back way, applied with a more relaxed, less precise technique, using lipstick applied to the middle of the lip and then blended out with the finger to the edges for a gentle fade-out, bitten-lip effect that’s fresh and natural. Make sure lips are healthy underneath by hydrating well with a lip balm and applying a base coat under any lip colour. As for any other makeup, the more the lips look more naturally beautiful, smooth and plump, the better the look of the lip colour.

The experts weigh in:

1/ “ A little eyeliner and mascara are all you need to draw attention to the lips. Try a vibrant shade like the Absolu Rouge Carrousel 349 with its bright pink-like coral colour to boost your mood. And don’t forget to finish off with a hint of blush to give a little life and colour to your skin.” Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme Creative Director of Makeup.

2/ “My tip? Always hydrate the lips with a lip balm and use a good base coat under any lipstick. For daytime, best to opt for a creamy, gloss texture that’ll bring the lips to life. For evening, think light matte, always applying some lip pencil first for a perfect long-lasting hold.” Lili Choï, Professional makeup artist.

The perfect red lip routine

1/Base L'Absolu Rouge. Serving up 8 hours of lip hydration, this powerful lip balm enriched with Pro-Xylance is a true star go-to that smooths, softens and protects before you apply any lip colour.
2/Contour Pro. As well as perfectly defining the outer edges of the lip, this super waterproof formula makes for the ideal long-lasting wear. The result? You get a lip colour that won’t budge no matter where the evening takes you.
3/ L'Absolu Rouge.
When an iconic Parisian like Caroline de Maigret gets her hands on a cult Lancôme classic, what you get is two new subtle shades that boost the natural look of the lips to create “you, but better!” as Caroline herself puts it. All without changing Absolu’s luxurious rich cream texture of course!
4/ Lip Lover.
Combining the comforting feel of a balm with the colour of a lipstick and shine of a gloss, Lip Lover is nothing if not the perfect all-rounder. Better yet, you’ll also enjoy the subtle rose fragrance with every brush stroke. You can’t go wrong.

Who is Lisa Eldridge? Lisa’s love of makeup began at age six when she discovered her mother’s eye makeup and brushes. Today, she’s considered the queen of video makeup tutorials with an approach that’s both approachable and professional and has attracted millions of followers. Today, as Lancôme’s Creative Director of Makeup, Lisa’s working to bring her pragmatic and playful attitude to the brand’s latest collections.

Who is Lili Choï? Former assistant to Tom Pecheux, Lili Choï is a session makeup artist and tattoo artist in her own right. Harking from a Korean background, she excels in creating natural complexions, playing with light and transparence as she goes. She’s also known for a very singular, bold, graphic and almost calligraphic approach to makeup, which she credits as her mother’s influence who herself is a calligrapher, a meticulous, subtle and clean-lined discipline.

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