Tinted moisturiser no-go

Who doesn’t love hearing the mood-boosting compliment “I love your glowing complexion”, especially if it’s not followed up with the inevitable “what product are you using?”. All it takes to make sure you don’t betray your barely-there beauty look? Make like the pros by not forgetting to apply makeup to 1) the ears, 2) the zone behind the ears, and for those who tie their hair back, 3) the nape of the neck.

Start by choosing your tinted moisturising color carefully: too light and you can appear washed out, too dark and features start to look rugged. The ideal? Bienfait BB Cream which comes in three hues. Simply apply outwards from the centre of the face to the nape and nobody will ask you what product you’re using -- guaranteed.

Bienfait BB Cream, Anti Stress Moisturising Tinted Cream, Lancôme.

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