Long live mascara!

It’s not just for coquettish looks that Lancôme has opted to package all of its mascara eye makeup inside opaque black tubes. It’s also to protect the formulas from the negative effects of natural and artificial light and air. Without this dark layer of protection, mascaras would slowly lose effectiveness, look and hold. It’s thanks to these tubes that Lancôme is able to maintain the quality of its long-lasting, lash-boosting mascaras, and better yet, the health of your lashes. You can protect your mascara too, with a few simple moves.

Limit the number of times you take the brush in and out of the tube.
Just when you think you’re getting more mascara from the tube, in fact this move introduces more air, speedily drying out the formula. With less liquid, mascara becomes all the more difficult to apply, not to mention all the lumpier on lashes. Our top tip? Don’t pump the brush. From now on simply spin the brush as you remove it. And if and when more mascara is needed, use the brush to take more product from the top and not all the way from the bottom.

Always close your mascara properly
A poorly closed lid is just like leaving your mascara out to dry. Conclusion? Once you’ve finished applying mascara, tightly twist to close until next use.

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